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Dogs Have 12 Secret Superpowers: It’s Not Just Love

Dogs are not just our forever friends and sweetest fluffies ever, they are superheroes that help us every day and never ask for a reward. You may not even know that it’s your dog who protects your immune system and helps your kid problem solve better. While puppies are in our hearts, our health and well-being are in their paws.

We at Bright Side didn’t realize how many advantages there were to adopting a puppy. They do so much for us!

How your dog improves your physical well-being

1. You have a better immune system

Petting a dog for just 18 minutes significantly increases the amount of the antibody, immunoglobulin A, in our saliva. And this, in turn, improves our immune function and protects us against microbes.

2. You recover faster.

Your puppy can encourage you to become more active after an injury or surgery. It can also improve your postoperative recovery. And you may feel less pain and be able to reduce the amount of pain medication you take.

3. You are more active.

As you might have guessed, this happens because you always have to walk the dog. It increases your physical activity, which might improve your health. Also, it can help you visit a doctor less often and lower your BMI (body mass index).

4. You find out about your illnesses earlier.

Dogs are known for their excellent sense of smell, and this is what helps them determine that something is wrong. They can smell cancer, migraines, changes in blood sugar levels, and seizures. And they will warn you with their behavior — you just have to pay attention.

How your dog improves your psychological well-being

1. You look trustworthy.

People trust a person more if they’re with a dog. This was proven by a study where participants evaluated photos of people with and without pets. The results showed that men and women who had dogs seemed more trustworthy and people had a more positive attitude toward them.

2. You appear more attractive.

Yes, you heard that right. The same study showed that people with a dog were perceived as more attractive. It’s easier to talk to them and they seem more approachable.

3. You experience less stress.

Having a dog reduces the level of cortisol (the stress hormone) and reduces your blood pressure when you experience stress. Your pet also boosts your mood. It may happen not only because they are funny, but also due to the oxytocin that increases in dog owners.

4. Your mental health improves.

Dogs can help us cope with trauma, anxiety, and depression. Your pet helps you feel less lonely, keeps you safe, and brings a purpose to your life.

How your dog helps your kids

1. Your kids are protected from asthma and eczema.

Studies show that children whose mothers had regular contact with dogs during their pregnancy are less likely to develop eczema by 2 years old. Plus, the bacteria that dogs carry also affects kids and can protect them from developing asthma.

2. Your kids are healthier.

It’s not just that these diseases may happen less if your child has a pet. Another study showed that kids with dogs had fewer ear infections and fewer needed antibiotic treatment during their first year of life. They can also be more resistant to respiratory infections in the future.

3. Your kids are better at problem solving.

It’s important to note that parents play a significant role here. Namely, if you teach your kid to take care of their pets more effectively, they can find more flexible ways to solve problems and develop better critical thinking skills.

4. Your kids are more sociable.

This was discovered in a study that was held at a school in Vienna. When a dog was in class, the kids were less aggressive and more socially integrated. Also children became more attentive to the teacher.

What other dog superpowers do you know of? What advantages does your pet bring to you?

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