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People Have Voted for the Most Beautiful Animals on Earth, and the Results Are Admirable

From majestic fur to vibrant colorful feathers, we can’t deny that the animal kingdom is full of wonders. Ranker has created a poll to find out which animals are the most charming. For now, more than 160,000 votes have been recorded and a winner was chosen.

We at Bright Side are sharing with you the animals that made it into the top 25 list.

25. Rough collie

24. Butterfly

23. Tiger

22. Deer

21. Lynx

20. Andalusian horse

19. Bald eagle

18. Macaw bird

17. Dolphin

16. Malayan tiger

15. Panda bear

14. Lion

13. Stallion

12. Polar bear

11. Siberian Husky

10. White lion

9. Peacock

8. Red panda

7. White leopard

6. Jaguar

5. Wolf

4. Red fox

3. Panther

2. Siberian tiger

1. White tiger

What is your favorite animal? Which one do you find the most attractive?

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