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Reddit Users Share 16 Times Pets Made Their Life a Bit Sweeter

Meeting our pet for the first time, hugging our dog after a day of hard work, seeing a long-awaited smile on our cat’s face — all these precious moments that are stored in our memories can make us feel warm and fuzzy, even on the coldest of days. So let’s take a look at some photos that people managed to take in order to keep these memories alive forever.

Bright Side hopes that these 16 photos will make you feel a bit better. And don’t forget to hug your pets after reading this article.

16. “I’m a flight attendant and this was my first passenger this morning.”

15. “My kitten likes to be held like a baby.”

14. “This little guy started hanging around my brother while he was working on a car, which means my brother made friends with a falcon.”

13. This is what a happy rescued dog looks like.

12. “Today I made the best decision of my life.”

11. This is what true love means.

10. “Most of our friends don’t believe we have a cat. We don’t see him much either as he mostly hides behind the bed. Today, he was brave enough to come out for pets.”

9. Have you ever had a yawn so good, you got this happy?

8. “My daughter was snuggling our rescue pup under her hoodie when I walked into the room. Then she tried to get to me.”

7. “My dog when I finally get home from work”

6. “Milly helps my mom with all the things around the house.”

5. “My daughter has been asking every Christmas and birthday for 5 years for her dream dog. This week we adopted her new best friend.”

4. “Billie never understood why I had a set of keys to bring in the car and she didn’t. I got her a set of her own and now she insists on bringing them anytime we go for a drive.”

3. “My neighbor’s dog peeking through the fence to say hello”

2. “My girl brought me a pencil while I was drawing.”

1. “My dad and his ’step cat’ watching YouTube”

What “aww” moments have you had recently? We’d like to see your photos and stories in the comments!

Preview photo credit TheSagaOfCrystar / reddit