Stray Dog Gets Locked Up for Trying to Steal a Toy Multiple Times but This Story Has a Happy Ending

A furry thief caught everyone’s attention when he kept trying to break into a store to get this one particular thing — a pink unicorn toy. It was love at first sight for Sisu, a stray, and even though he was taken away by animal control, he soon got everything he wished for and more.

This incident warmed our hearts at Bright Side and we would like to pass it on to our readers.

He broke into the same store 5 times.

This stray dog saw a purple unicorn in a Dollar General shop and then snuck in every time someone left the store. According to the workers there, the dog attempted to steal the same unicorn multiple times and they had to call animal control.

This cute criminal was taken in for breaking and entering.

The animal cops took the furry thief in for larceny and “locked” him up. A shot of the prisoner was shared on social media making the public aware of his cute little crime. The post further revealed details about Sisu, a 1-year-old stray, who was ready to be adopted.

An animal control officer bought Sisu’s beloved unicorn for him.

Animal control, however, didn’t separate Sisu from his beloved stuffed animal and bought his precious $10 unicorn for him. The pooch was overjoyed and happily spent his time at the shelter cuddling with his favorite toy.

He now has a furever home.

The post, shared by Duplin County Animal Services, quickly went viral and Sisu and his purple unicorn were adopted the very next day. Dollar General sent few more unicorn toys to the adoptive family, donated food to the animal shelter, and sent a sweet gift to Lane, the officer who was kind enough to get Sisu his favorite cuddle buddy.

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