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10 People That Tried to Save Money but Got Really Disappointed

For different people “reasonable expenses” can be defined differently: some people will stop getting manicures at a beauty salon to buy plane tickets and go on vacation, and others prefer good manicures to a 2-week trip to the beach.

We at Bright Side have collected stories from people that regretted not spending more money on something.

  • When I was 11 years old, my parents bought me ice skates in size 7.5. Obviously, they bought a size that was way bigger than I needed, so they wouldn’t have to buy new ones 1-2 years later. I’m 27 years old now. My foot size is 6.5. So, the skates still don’t fit me. And I still can’t skate. I thought I just wasn’t talented enough until I bought the right size! Now, I can skate!
  • The most expensive shoes I’ve ever bought cost $5. I bought them at a cheap store. Of course, they turned out to be very uncomfortable, my feet sweat a lot, so I only wore them for one day. $5 for one day of use is quite a lot.
  • I’ve calculated that if I stop buying coffee for $3 every day, by the end of the year, I will have a whole lot of unhappy days because I limited myself. © m_stont / Twitter
  • Yesterday, I bought an apartment. I didn’t have to get a mortgage, I had been saving money for 7 years, and I didn’t buy anything else I wanted (I cooked by myself, I never bought anything expensive, except for a laptop and phone, and I didn’t go to parties). I rented an apartment and then finally saved enough for a small place. But I’m not happy. I didn’t live during those 7 years, I just existed. The whole point of my life was to buy this apartment. Now what? Save for a car? © Rumaxer / Pikabu
  • I was at a store and they had cool jeans on sale. They were one size smaller than I needed. I was happy because I was going to lose weight anyway and I thought that I had to buy them. I bought cheap jeans in hopes of losing weight. I never lost weight and I never wore the jeans.
  • A friend of mine was specifically looking for a husband who was in the military. Not because he would be able to protect her, but because it’s practical. He has clothes, so she could buy more for herself, he’s used to simple food, so she wouldn’t have to cook... © Ideer
  • A long time ago, I decided to save on painkillers when I was visiting the dentist. I told the doctor I could take it. It was a hard time and I didn’t have money. After one minute, he looked at my face and saw that I was crying because of the pain, so he gave me the shot for free. © Ideer
  • My mom told me about the sausages they sold at her school. The next day, they would always have hot dogs. Some kids from the day before didn’t finish their sausages and only ate one piece. So, these half-bitten sausages were put in the bread and sold again. © saperavi / Pikabu
  • Once, my boyfriend and I went on vacation to an island. We decided that we would walk from the airport to the hotel to save money and to be able to look around. We thought that the island was small, and that we just had to walk 15 miles. And we loved walking. But when we left the airport, we instantly realized how stupid this decision way. We had our bags, it was incredibly hot, and there were cars just going past us. So, we walked for like a mile, got to a town, and took a bus from there. I still remember this day.

What have you done to try to save money and afterward realized that it was a mistake? Share your stories in the comment section below!

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