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10+ People Who Have a Really Cool Story to Share

We’ve been telling stories for as long as humanity has existed, and we will continue doing so for the rest of our lives. When we listen to a story, our brain waves actually synchronize with those of the storyteller. The truth is, a story can be told through books, images, 5-second videos, and even in just 3 words joined together — like Nike’s slogan, “Just Do It.”

We believe that storytelling is a gift each one of us has, and Bright Side found 13 people whose cool tales were too awesome for our eyes only, and we had to share them with you.

1. “We demolished the walls of our home. We found out that our bathroom was inside this old Ford Transit. We had no idea.”

2. “I had a frisbee accident and my eye was imprinted into my glasses.”

3. “My phone takes a picture when someone enters the wrong knock code. Woke up to this.”

4. “I bought an ice bag from my grocery store and this came with it.”

5. “Put my hair up to get it out of his way. He found a chill spot.”

6. “A friend of mine had something accidentally hit his eye a couple of years back. It left an interesting mark.”

7. “I had a slithery little surprise while driving.”

8. “Woke up on my living room floor after an ugly sweater party...”

9. “Found an intact metal circle with no visible break/weld lying around a tree that’s been growing for at least 50 years in the middle of nowhere.”

10. “My 100-year-old grandpa holding my 1-day-old cousin!”

11. “I found this giant dandelion on my walk today.”

12. “2 baby bears visited my grandparents’ deck.”

13. “One of my grandpa’s cows gave birth to a 2-headed fella back in the 1980s.”

“The calf lived for less than 10 minutes, but have no fear. Grandpa took it to a taxidermist.”

What’s the last picture you took that has a cool story behind it? Don’t keep it to yourself, let’s turn the comment section into an entertaining little anthology.

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