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10+ Photos That Prove No One Is Safe From a Bad Day

You may have perfect photos in your camera complete with poses, the places you’ve visited, or stills of the important events in your life. But nothing holds a candle to the “once-in-a-lifetime” photos that capture disasters mere milliseconds before they happen. We’re talking about moments before a drink spills on a bride’s gown or a bird that takes your food away when you click a picture of it — the instances are endless!

These disasters may have ruined these people’s days, but it doesn’t have to be the same for you. Bright Side wants to share a few good laughs with you by way of these hilarious “moments before the disaster” photos.

1. Coca Cola straight up in the nose

2. Moments before she fell and found a huge red mark on her cheek

3. Good luck to the wedding dress!

4. Push one and the others will fall down.

5. “We’re hungry, Karen! And we’re not even sorry!”

6. A long trail of forgetfulness

7. A second before the dog took a misguided jump

8. A hammer hit or real-life Thor in reverse?

9. Happy not-so-sweet 16th birthday!

10. A legit expression

11. 3 types of people in 1 frame

12. Boop!

13. The dog saw it coming.

14. He used to love this parrot so much.

15. Moments before the impact

16. The reaction is priceless.

Have you experienced disastrous moments in life that were successfully captured on camera? Share them with us in the comments below.

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