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10 Things That Are Luckily Vanishing in the Modern World

There are many kinds of discrimination in our society and we aren’t able to change everything at once. But, some things have changed, or at least are in the process of changing. And this change is how we know that we have the power.

We at Bright Side would like to reinforce your optimism and faith in the future. Humanity could gradually change its attitude toward disabled people, race, women, and could even make changes in the fashion industry.

1. Women can be good wives and mothers and still work on the same level with men.

2. People with tattoos are not criminals, they get them because they like them.

3. No more fashion standards, because we recognize all shapes and body sizes.

4. Only you can decide when all the important things should happen in your life.

5. A disability is no longer a reason to stare and point a finger at someone.

6. Color is just color no matter whether it’s skin or something else.

7. The household is not just a female business anymore.

8. Being overweight is no longer a shame.

9. No one is too old or too young to be a professional.

10. Children should play not work.

Do you believe that it’s possible to eliminate discrimination in our society? Have you ever experienced this cruel injustice? You can share your opinion and stories in the comments.

Illustrated by Inna Grevtseva for Bright Side
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