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12 People That Reminisced About Teachers Who Will Be Ingrained in Their Memories Forever

Our school years stay in our memory for the rest of their lives, even if this time was not that joyful. What’s more, there are teachers who stay in our minds forever too and they are the very people the following Redditors were talking about.

We at Bright Side got ourselves cozy with a cup of hot tea to dive into our school memories. Meanwhile, we want to give you the chance to read the stories shared by our characters about the teachers they had. Who knows, maybe you’ll also want to revisit the depths of your memories in pursuit of the past.

  • Senior year I was placed in a freshman typing class. Everyone else was chatty and goofed off, but I wanted to learn to type, so I really put in a lot of effort. I only had 2 classes in the morning, and the rest of the day I was a waitress, as I was pretty much on my own during my senior year. I got called into work on the day of our class final, so I went to work and missed the final. When I showed up to class the next day, I apologized to the teacher for missing the final. He asked me, “Do you want to know the grade you got?” When I replied yes, he said, “I gave you an A because if you had been here, that’s what you would’ve gotten.” I never forgot that. © hello_specific_ocean / Reddit
  • I was kinda chubby in high school. Someone asked what’s for lunch in the middle of our last lesson before the break, as usual. I pipe up and say it’s meatballs. Without skipping a beat, the teacher looks straight at me and says “You don’t need any more meatballs,” and the entire class laughed. © 1AJ / Reddit

  • 3rd grade. My dad had just deserted us and we were suddenly destitute. My teacher bought my school pictures for us and paid my lunch bill all year. She never said a word about it. I didn’t find out until later. Bless her. © Ljmeeds1 / Reddit

  • At my high school, we had an annual week-long science trip, fully paid for by fundraising. Only 4 people were selected to go each year. In my sophomore year, I was chosen. I knew there was no way I was going to be allowed to go. My parents were incredibly conservative and immediately said no. I had a science teacher who just wouldn’t accept the no. Instead of just giving up and selecting someone else, he called and tried to convince my parents. When that didn’t work, he came to my house and had dinner with my family to convince my dad that I would be an asset and that he would be doing me a disservice by not letting me go. He sat and ate my mom’s terrible cooking and talked to my parents for over 2 hours until he got a “we’ll think about it.” Then he just kept following up. I had never had someone in my corner like that before, who was willing to go to bat for me like that. He wore them down and it was the best week of my teenage life. I’d never seen the ocean. 20 years later and I can still recall every detail of that trip. © chrissyv54 / Reddit

  • I can’t remember what I did, but in first grade, my teacher got mad at me and said, “You wanna act like a baby? Fine come over here.” She made me sit in a corner on the floor and gave me 2 little toys to play with. © PinkSquidBear / Reddit
  • My teacher called my mom while she was at work to tell her I’d written one of the best things he’d ever seen as a teacher. © Zalanor1 / Reddit
  • My physics teacher in high school hosted an annual trip to Walt Disney World. Since my family was not so well off and I could not afford that trip and I declined when he asked me if I was going to join. He probed a bit and he somehow found the funds to have me join without me even inquiring. That was one of my best memories from that school. I still keep in touch with him 15 years later. © marincho / Reddit

  • This teacher was extremely strict and HATED by my class, but loved me because I was one of the few who respected her and did well in her class. When school ended, she gave me a crystal bear. Nothing too fancy or expensive, but I felt as if I was glowing leaving that classroom with the bear in my hand. I still have it and will treasure it forever. © DragonHeart2006 / Reddit

  • I broke up with my boyfriend the night before my final and as I was walking to class to take it, my teacher saw me, and told me that I could take it the following day with his afternoon class without me even saying a word. He was a really great teacher! © sangresangria13 / Reddit

  • It was in my chemistry teacher. I was a bright student, especially in chemistry. When my grades went down, my parents only bashed me, whereas my teacher understood it was due to my mental health issues and literally talked to me and calmed me down. It felt so good. I felt like somebody legit cared and understood me then. My family only cared about my grades, obviously! © Sonal_D_J / Reddit
  • I had to hand in an important assignment that counted heavily toward my overall grade for the year. When I looked for it in my bag, it wasn’t there. My teacher asked if I’d genuinely forgotten to bring it. When I promised her I’d completed it she told me she was going to drive me home to collect it. It was only a 20 minute round trip, but I was so glad she believed me and drove me to my house to pick it up. She was laughing and joking with me all the way back to school. And I got an A! © boredsittingonthebus / Reddit

  • I dislocated my knee in my junior year of high school and had to use crutches. Around the fall holidays, I started to decorate them accordingly, and at Christmas, I wrapped them in gold tinsel. One morning, the senior English teacher saw me in the hallway on the way to class, ran back into his classroom, and came out with a pair of gold jingle bells for me to add. I loved it, and he was so excited. I kept them on weeks past Christmas. It became our inside-joke when he was my English teacher that next year. © the_bean_fiend / Reddit

What things do you remember your teachers for?

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