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12 People Who Didn’t Expect Any Trouble Until It Happened

Failures always happen when you least expect them. As soon as you let your guard down, something bad happens, so the only thing you can do is take a photo to share with others and help them avoid your bad example.

At Bright Side, we know really well what failure is, but we believe that there is a positive side to everything and that we have to learn from our mistakes. Only the last hero of our article wasn’t lucky enough — it’s impossible to change his failure.

“Yearbook photo from my first year as a teacher. The photographer said that everything was fine, so I forgot about it until I saw the yearbook.”

“I used a bath bomb and now I don’t want to take a bath any longer.”

They said, “Choose a watermelon with yellow spots and a ’web’ on it.” This is the result.

My coworker accidentally broke 40 plates.

“Somehow a whole wrench found its way into the tire.”

“I thought this was a win for a second, until I realized there was no mold in the picture.”

“This was loud.”

“My house is for sale and recently there was the buyer’s inspection. Between then and this morning, the toilet tank upstairs decided to overflow.”

“Someone came in and ordered 46 sandwich combos at 1:45 AM. We close at 2.”

Jeep was abandoned after the driver got too confident.

“Breaking news: Local klutz spills spaghetti on her bed.”

Bonus: “I’m a 5’10” man who wears size 3 shoes. I still have to buy all my shoes in the kid’s section."

If something similar has happened to you, share your photos in the comments below.

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