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13 Everyday Habits We Hardly Realize Can Change Our Lives Immensely

The human brain is still one of the biggest mysteries for scientists. Many people think that we only use 10% of its potential but in reality, this is not true. It’s just that we don’t even notice the biggest part of the brain’s work, which is done subconsciously. And, obviously, we do use some of the features of our subconscious, even if we don’t notice we’re doing it.

Did you know that you can actually trick your subconscious? Let’s say that during a vacation you stayed out all night almost every night and went to bed early every morning. It would now be nice to be able to reset your body’s clock so you can go back to work fresh instead of overtired, and there is an easy trick to correct this — just don’t eat for a little while.

Bright Side is convinced that even though there are still a lot of things we don’t know about the human brain, we should use the tricks that we’re already aware of.

The way a person behaves during a conversation says a lot about their social status.

It takes just one look at a person speaking on the phone to tell if this person is rich or poor. At least, this is what psychologists from the University of California suggest. According to their experiment, a wealthy person often gets distracted while talking on the phone. They can be busy with something else or just be playing with objects on the table in front of them. This is because rich people don’t depend on the opinion of others as much, so they are not as interested in talking to others.

Music can restore memory.

Scientists found that music can stimulate memories. It can even potentially prove to be useful in helping people with Alzheimer’s disease to restore some parts of their memory. So if you have a hard time remembering things, maybe music can help.

This is because music is able to influence every part of the brain. Besides, we connect emotions with music, this is why memories come back so vividly when we hear a significant song.

People lie more often when texting than when in a live conversation.

The reason is pretty simple: in order to lie to someone, it takes a lot of effort. Also, you need to look normal, maintain an acceptable facial expression, and keep an open posture in order for the person to believe you.

And you don’t have to do this when texting. A recent study showed that people often lie when texting. Scientists gave one person money to share equally with someone they were texting with. The second person was unaware of how much money the first person got. The results of this experiment showed that almost everyone (92%) lied about the initial amount of money they had and gave the person they were texting with less than they should have gotten. Additionally, most of the people responsible for sharing the money didn’t even feel guilty because those who they were texting with didn’t seem real enough.

You can determine a person’s character by their shoes.

According to psychologists, you can tell a lot about a person’s character by the shoes they wear. For example, meticulous people wear new, clean shoes, probably because they don’t want to be irritated when they see them.

Practical shoes almost always indicate that the person wearing them is nice. And calm people often wear uncomfortable shoes, for some reason.

Sports drinks are effective, even if you don’t drink them.

Sports drinks are a huge business that earns a lot of money. This is why they are widely advertised and people are convinced that they are very useful. However, all that promotion is nothing compared to the pleasure of drinking so much sugar.

Yes, sports drinks work. But not because of a special secret formula, instead it’s because your brain treats sugar as a reward for good work and your performance becomes better. In fact, you don’t even need to drink it, you can just swish it around in your mouth and get the same pleasure.

If you are looking for a healthy replacement for sports drinks, make a smoothie or eat a banana.

People who don’t think about the future are happier than those who have plans.

The difference between thinking about driving a car and actually driving one is great, isn’t it? In fact, our thoughts about the future only make our lives worse.

This may seem strange but some languages don’t even have a future tense. And according to this research, people who speak these languages make better decisions in the here and now, and overall feel happier.

Music makes you stronger.

Almost everyone listens to music when they work out. Scientists say that it’s not just a pleasure for your ears, but it is also useful for your health. And according to their study, music increases your performance, allows you to lift weights for a longer time, and makes you run faster.

It is especially effective if the rhythm of the music is the same as the rhythm of the exercise: this way, it will take way less effort and it will still be effective. Your overall stamina also increases when your mind is not busy with emotions and is instead busy listening to music.

Smelling good makes you more attractive.

A recent study done by scientists from Liverpool discovered that people who smell good are found to be more attractive. Volunteers were asked to divide into 2 groups: one group used perfume and the second one didn’t. After that, they were filmed on camera and shown to a third group of volunteers who were supposed to estimate the attractiveness of each person.

The results were amazing: the people who used the perfume seemed more attractive, even though the members of the third group couldn’t smell them. According to scientists, people feel more confident when they know that they smell nice. So, don’t forget to use perfume in order to help yourself feel more confident and look more attractive.

Starving can change your circadian rhythms.

Everyone has probably been in a situation where they’ve stayed up almost all night for a couple of nights in a row and went to bed early in the morning. After a few nights like this, we have to reset our body’s clock in order to be able to go to work in a couple of days. Of course, you could try to teach your body a different schedule by abruptly waking up early after your late night party spree, but who wants to do that?

There is a way to make your body reboot and correct its internal clock. You just need to refrain from eating for about 16 hours. The thing is, our circadian rhythms depend on food just as much as they do on light. After about 16 hours the body will start losing control and it will only want to do one thing — eat. So, the time when you have a meal will be treated as “the morning” and your body clock will be rebooted.

Sleep helps you memorize information.

If you need to learn a lot of information, it is best to start learning one day before you need the knowledge. And scientists claim that it is very important to get good sleep the night before the exam. An experiment showed that if you start learning something one day before an exam, it is much more effective than if you start learning something just 20 minutes before the exam.

When you are asleep, your brain is processing the information that was acquired during the day. It basically works like a computer: if you shut down other applications, the main system will work faster. The same goes for the brain: when there is no need to control the body, the brain processes information much faster.

Red helps you win.

British scientists concluded that teams who wear red uniforms have a better chance of winning a game than any other team. This works for all kinds of sports, both team and individual.

Of course, if your opponent is a champion and this is your first time in a competition, this color will not help. However, if your chances are fairly equal, the red color can help you to win. Scientists believe that this is because red is associated with dominance.

When you touch a thing, you want to buy it.

Experienced salesmen know that if you touch whatever they’re trying to sell you, you’ll want to buy it. This is why when you want to buy a car, they let you test it. We are even ready to pay more for things we have touched, because once we touch them, we begin to treat them as our property.

The same works the other way around: if you are not allowed to touch a product, it will not be bought as often. This is because people think that it’s unreliable and could be easily broken.

Every ear hears things in a different way.

Scientists claim that our left ear hears things differently than our right one. They developed differently because of the different functions of our brain hemispheres. As a result, the right ear hears speech better and the left one hears music better.

Bonus: What makes a person successful?

Reading every day and waking up early in the morning have proven to be the keys to becoming successful. Reading reduces stress and works like a gym for the brain. It improves your memory and upgrades your vocabulary so you can communicate your thoughts way more efficiently. Waking up early allows you to use your body’s most productive hours. You can do things faster and better in the morning while you are still fresh and full of energy.

Which of these tricks do you think you can use in your everyday life?

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