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13 Irony Lovers Who Don’t Lose the Chance to Laugh at Themselves

It’s so great to be able to laugh at our own flaws. People who treat themselves with humor cope with difficulties better than others and turn disadvantages into advantages. Do you want to get rid of your flaws that seem to be taking over your life? Try to be as positive as the people below.

Bright Side has collected 13 people with self-irony that could conquer the whole world.

13. When you have a good sense of humor and a vivid imagination:

12. For those who set their own photos as wallpaper:

11. Accept yourself the way you are.

10. Anything can happen during a rock concert.

9. Undoubtedly...

8. “My wife told me to get dressed up for professional Christmas photos. I think I nailed it.”

7. “I tried to make macaroni except I forgot the water...”

6. He bought it for himself.

5. “Some cop in my hometown winning Halloween”

4. The best review

3. “I was lost in China but I saw this extremely helpful sign.”

2. Home ATM

1. “Me about to be kidnapped in 1984”

Do you usually laugh at yourself? Tell us your stories in the comment section!

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