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13 Things You’ve Seen a Gazillion Times and You Probably Still Don’t Know the Real Name Of

We showed you in a previous article that there are plenty of things that, despite seeing them and using them every single day, we don’t even know the name of. It can also happen that you started calling them something else because you didn’t know that there was an actual word to describe them. However, as strange as it may seem, even the space between your eyebrows, has a name. Who’d have thought, right? So let’s stop calling everything a “thingy” and learn a few new words!

Bright Side loves discovering new things all the time and sharing them with our audience, so we’d like to invite you to join us and learn a couple of new words that you might never have heard of before, because, believe or not, there’s a word for almost everything!

1. The space between a person’s eyebrows is called the glabella.

2. Those plastic thingies of different colors used to securely hold and close any type of product, like bread bags are called twist ties.

3. The act of stroking someone’s hair to pamper them is called cafuné. It’s a Portuguese word, and it does not have an English translation.

4. The metal part that surrounds the edges of different cylindrical objects like brushes, pencils, or any other object is called the ferrule. It is used to preserve the objects’ edges, shape them, or hold something specific.

5. The symbol used instead of writing “and” is called an ampersand and it represents the word “et,” which is Latin for “and.”

6. The back of the knee (the part that folds) is called the hough or the kneepit.

7. The lines or spaces that appear on the grass due to the erosion by human or animal footsteps are called desire paths.

8. The flat 8-shaped curve or infinity symbol is called a lemniscate.

9. Maybe you’ve always thought they’re called holes, but those grommets on shoes, sneakers, and some clothes are called eyelets.

10. Some backpacks have a small leather rhombus with a couple of openings. This is called a pig snout because of its shape, and it is used to hang objects.

11. That sunken part located on the opposite side of the elbow also has a name. It is called a chelidon or an elbow pit.

12. You might have thought that the lines we have in our hands don’t have a particular name, but they are called single palmar creases.

13. Right on the inner rim of hats there is a strip. It’s called a sweatband and like the name suggests, it’s meant to prevent the hat from getting stained by sweat.

What other objects or things would you add to this compilation? Don’t forget to share this list with your friends so that they also know the real name of these things we use all the time!