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14 Pictures That Prove Clothing Ads Are Nowhere Near Real Life

Shoes and clothes usually look amazing on girls in commercials. The outfits are perfect, and you really want to buy them. This is because models with perfect body shapes are hired for ads, and the photos are taken in studios where there’s no wind or dirt. And we hope these clothes will look just as good on us. But in reality, they often look quite different.

We at Bright Side decided to remember the times when the clothes that looked great on models actually disappointed us in reality. The pictures on the left, drawn by our illustrators, show the clothes in ads, and the right ones are what they look like in real life. And at the end of the article, there’s a bonus illustration showing that a jacket on the shoulders might be stylish, but it’s not very comfortable.

1. Cropped sweater

2. Total black look

3. Trendy white sneakers

4. Cropped jeans and oversize T-shirts

5. A big sweater tucked into a skirt or pants

6. Balaclava

7. Oversize jacket

8. High-waisted pants

9. Mini handbags

10. Big sweater with a high neck

11. Gladiator shoes

12. Tight dress

13. Poncho

14. Palazzo pants

Bonus: Jacket on the shoulders

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