15 Camouflage Geniuses Who Can Give Your Brain a Little Workout

Sometimes people play Where’s Waldo? in real life. Whether it’s because they dropped something and are struggling to find it or because their cat is a pro at disguise. Our eyes have to be sharp. Fortunately, people share plenty of photos online that can test our ability to spot hidden things.

Bright Side collected a few pics that will challenge you to be as attentive as possible. Good luck!

1. “Took a picture of my cat in full camouflage mode. Try to spot him.”

2. “There are 2 deer in this photo, looking directly toward the camera.”

3. “My friend’s wife made cookies.”

4. “I decided to cut the cord and get a TV antenna. If you can’t hide the cord, embrace it.”

5. “My buddy, playing hide and seek with the kids”

6. “There are 2 rings in the bag.”

7. The leash isn’t just lying on the ground.

8. “Wasted a day looking for my Apple Pencil.”

9. “It scared my cousin.”

10. “I finally found my dog.”

11. “I was looking for my school’s shirt for at least 10 minutes.”

12. “My gift cards and a tablecloth”

13. “My friend just adopted a new fur baby, and she has found her favorite spot.”

14. “My cat blends in everywhere.”

15. “Taking a picture of my trail — my brother was ahead of me.”

When was the last time you struggled to find something? Do you have a pet that’s good at camouflaging itself? The comments are waiting for your wonderful tales and photos!

Preview photo credit Pentium95 / Reddit
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