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15 Changes in the World That Are Driving Us Crazy

The world is changing constantly and we’re trying to keep up with it. Modern technologies make our lives easier: we receive information faster, have an opportunity to keep in touch with those who are away, and entertain ourselves without even leaving home. But everything has a price and some improvements in our lives have a horrifying impact on the universe and even on us.

Bright Side is going to show you some pictures that we hope will make you think about the other side on the coin.

Today we think we can judge everyone we meet on the internet.

We bet cats want to go back.

Nature is in bigger danger now.

Jealousy was a bit different.

Stress, then and now

Teachers used to be more respected.

Modern technologies let filmmakers use less actors and equipment.

We have tighter relationships with gadgets now, not our relatives.

Despite the fact that we receive more “Happy Birthday” wishes now, we feel more lonely.

Our awkward situations don’t go unnoticed.

No photos = no evidence you’ve been on vacation

A paper book is a rare thing now.

Children don’t want to go for a walk. They prefer to chat online.

E-mails have conquered the world.

We treated time completely different then.

Do you think the world is changing for better or worse? Share your opinion with us.

Mariya Zavolokina, Astkhik Rakimova for Bright Side