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15 Irritating Things We Face Every Day That Don’t Seem to Disappear

Everything flows, everything changes, but some things just won’t go away despite all our technological progress. For example, vinyl records are back in style. There are some things should’ve disappeared a long time ago, but they’re still trying to stay afloat and irritate everyone who has to deal with them.

We at Bright Side figured out the things that should disappear to make everyone’s lives better.

1. Superstitions

2. First-come, first-served basis

3. Paper tickets and receipts

4. A table that is filled with an enormous amount of food only on the holidays

5. Keeping our true wishes a secret

6. Being proud of ignoring the trends

7. Not sharing important information with clients

8. A service that is strictly tied up to one place

9. Making fun of FanFiction

10. ...or any other type of art

11. Workaholism that harms you

12. Intrusive small talk

13. Disrespect for the personal space of other people

14. Collecting old and useless stuff

15. Unnaturally thin eyebrows

What things seem to be so outdated that it’s time to completely erase them from our everyday lives?