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15+ People That Bought Clothes for Pennies but Look Like They Spent a Fortune

You don’t have to spend a fortune at expensive boutiques when you can go to a thrift store and make an amazing outfit for very little money. Of course, you’ll probably spend a little more time on your look but it’ll definitely be worth it.

We at Bright Side love looking at photos of lucky guys and gals that managed to find something unusual while thrifting. And we can’t wait to share these people’s awesome finds with you.

“I’m getting married and found a vintage organza wedding dress for $17.”

“I found an early 1960s (according to the label) Wilson Folmar. And it even has pockets! It was only $12.99.”

“A Max Mara vintage coat, Louboutin shoes, and a YSL vintage bag — all for about $50! I’m in love!”

A Nanette Lepore dress for $1

“I’m IN LOVE with these pants! Found them at my local thrift shop for $5.”

“Bought this 1960s mini dress at a thrift store for just $5. Look how nice it looks on my 63-year-old mom!”

“A while back, my girlfriend found a 3-piece white suit for $20 that was just my size.”

“99 cents makes me feel like a celeb!”

“Thrifted this beautiful camel coat and now I can’t wait for autumn. Just $48!”

“Not one, but 2 ’50s-inspired dresses that I found this year for under $10. I’m in love!”

“Found this beautiful Sottero & Midgley wedding dress for $25 at a thrift store.”

“I’m very petite and rarely find clothing that fits. This vintage 2-piece set fits like it was made for me! Even the pants are the perfect length!! They were just $10.99 at a thrift store.”

“Thrifted this 1960s honeymoon set back in February for $10 (included a nightgown and dressing robe).”

“A $15 thrift store find turned into my best friend’s gorgeous prom dress.”

“My $5 thrift store find”

“Found this $2,000+ Monique Lhuillier designer dress for $12 while scavenging through a thrift store. 99.5% off ain’t too shabby, I suppose!”

“One of my new favorite finds — a little Zara dress from a thrift store!”

“I found this $75 dress for only $4 a couple of days ago.”

“The thread about thrift stores inspired me to go to my local Value Village. I haven’t been there in at least 15 years and found this amazing dress.”

Do you buy clothes at thrift stores or do you prefer to pay more to have something brand new?