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15 People Who Can Literally Sniff Out Something Interesting From a Mile Away

Lots of curious stuff is out there, and there are even more people who are perfect at finding it. We can only guess why they’re so lucky. Maybe it’s their super-sharp vision that helps them spot the unusual, or it’s just a matter of chance. In any case, at least the world will never run out of cool photos.

Bright Side found 15 photos that prove it’s always a good idea to have a look around.

1. “Stumbled upon Nicolas Cage in an old family album (1985).”

2. “Goose wearing shoes”

3. “This fossilized dinosaur footprint I saw in Utah”

4. “My friend looked at his microscope at the exact second this water flea was having 6 babies.”

5. “This llama at the petting zoo”

6. “This horse is wearing tights.”

7. “A scorpion drinking the condensation off of my beverage”

8. “This picture my mother gave me of my great-grandparents the night they got engaged. Circa 1905.”

9. “My local grocery store sells ostrich eggs.”

10. “This rock I found today”

11. “My boyfriend bought an eggplant that has a nose and a combover.”

12. “My grandfather taking a selfie with a stick”

13. “I found a straight banana.”

14. “There’s a tiny library in my neighborhood that used to be a clock.”

15. “Here’s Arnold Schwarzenegger kissing me as a baby.”

How often have you come across cool and unusual things? What’s the most surprising thing you have ever seen in real life?

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