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15+ People Who Didn’t Have to Pay for Tickets to Watch a Show

As it turns out, being surprised is quite a challenge for our bodies. First, we physically freeze for one twenty-fifth of a second, and then all of our brain power goes into figuring out what’s actually going on. Our emotions at that moment increase by up to 400%, making us live in that moment fully. Seems like it’s very hard to take a picture in a situation like that, yet today’s heroes succeeded in this.

We at Bright Side found some pics from Internet users who saw something that truly wowed them.

1. “So my dog got a hold of my phone.”

2. “I wanted to bring LEGO Orchid and nature together in one photo. This squirrel was my best model!”

3. “This opossum observing at my wife’s lab in Australia”

4. “A relative sent me this pic from a park.”

5. “What did I just walk in on?”

6. “Bees overtook the car next to mine during the 10 minutes I was in the store!”

7. “Found all of this inside an armchair I bought today.”

8. “The Airbnb I’m staying at has a glow-in-the-dark toilet seat.”

9. “I saw thousands of mallards gathered on a frozen pond last winter. At least one was suspicious of me.”

10. “Found this little guy on a walk yesterday.”

11. “A branch I cut off today had a little star in the center.”

12. “I saw a driving dog today.”

13. “What running in a −24°F windchill did to my lashes”

14. “Saw the end of a rainbow today.”

15. “My dog might be fast but my camera is faster.”

16. “The guy behind my wife snuck his rather large hand on her shoulder.”

Do you like surprises? What astounding things have you seen recently?

Preview photo credit SammoB / Reddit
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