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15 People Who Had to Do a Double Take and Then Rushed for Their Cameras

The probability of a tremendous event, like winning the lottery, is 1 in 292.2 million, but everyday life is full of uplifting surprises. A missile in the backyard, a vulture visiting your bathroom, or a turtle looking like a Pokémon — the miracles are all around us if we remember to look for them.

Today at Bright Side, we want to present you with 15 little miracles that made people immediately sprint for their cameras in excitement.

1. “A baby Discworld

2. “A cat hammock made from masks”

3. “My old phone case matched the table at a restaurant.”

4. “A fruit fly walked across my chocolate peppermint pattie as it cooled, leaving footprints.”

5. “This car that’s covered in cars I saw on the highway today”

6. “A truck just pulled up in front of our house that looks similar to my son’s toy”

7. “This church under water in Italy”

8. “Nature is (eating) metal. Here’s a 1970s era Cadillac El Dorado in a rural area in the middle of Florida.”

9. “A partially burnt down electrical pole near my hometown”

10. “We found a missile while out blueberry picking.”

11. “This Jeep’s break lights are Jeeps.”

12. “This squash looks like a sleeping duck.”

13. “Found a very tall sunflower — I’m 5’10” for comparison."

14. “That one time a vulture flew in my bathroom”

15. “My dogs appear to have merged this morning”

What unusual sightings have you encountered recently in your life? What low-stakes event in your life will you always remember?

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