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15+ People Who Have Creativity in Their DNA

There’s nothing stopping creative people from making the world just a little brighter. The whole world is their canvas, and they always find the most quirky solutions to even the most complex of problems. And other times, their creative juices get so out of hand that make it impossible for us to hide our laughter.

Bright Side is a big fan of people whose creativity just cannot be tamed, so we compiled 16 photos that will hopefully spark your creative side too.

1. “My team said we were dressing as Dominoes...”

2. “My friend actually made a comfortable grass couch...”

3. “It hailed today and my friend found one that I think looks like a cow. Can you see it too?”

4. “Friend of mine is working on his house. This is his only Halloween decoration this year.”

5. “My girlfriend and I have a tiny apartment so we made a Decorative Danny instead of a Christmas tree.”

6. “Spotted Mystery Machine at Howard Community College, MD.”

7. “My wife made these felt decorations for my daughter’s ‘Dr. Seuss’ day at school.”

8. “My neighbors decorated their plant to look like Exeggutor.”

9. “My friend cooked an egg in a wooden frying pan he made.”

10. “I made this custom Mario wall decoration, painting thingie, using 3d printing, a bit of woodworking, and a lot of painting.”

11. “My American dad and Canadian mom as Niagara Falls for Halloween 1985.”

12. “I’ve been seeing Sideshow Bob’s hair in this plant for months. Tonight I finally made it a reality.”

13. “My little brother just returned from trick or treating...”

14. “Someone made a Día de los Muertos sculpture made entirely out of sand! San Diego, CA.”

15. “Heading to a Brendan Fraser movie marathon and made some Raspberry Mummy Pies.”

16. “My friend’s neighbor’s car runs on firewood.”

Which of these people deserves the title “most creative individual?” Have any photos that uncover your creative side? Don’t hesitate to share them in the comments.

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Preview photo credit Stuck_in_a_depo / Reddit
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