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15+ People Who Lost Their Last Hope to See Good Marketing

When people buy a product, they hope that it, at least, won’t disappoint them. But reality may not be that rosy, and confused customers face things like mutant cookies, marshmallows packs, where each sweet is individually wrapped in plastic, and ice cream, that looks bigger than it is because of its packaging.

We at Bright Side hope that you haven’t seen similar examples, but if you haven’t been able to avoid this fate, tell us about it in the comments. We are here for you!

“Who came up with the idea to put white text on bright yellow packaging?”

Another example of “great” text placement

“The packaging says, ‘8 cheese slices.’ But look at what’s really inside.”

“When a customer buys one of these drinks, I have to risk the bottles falling and shattering on the floor, but I can’t scan the package otherwise.”

“The smallest ice cream turned out to be even smaller.”

Where is the rest?

“$140 perfume. Compare what I saw on the website with what I actually got.”

“This is not what we expected...”

What is this mutant cookie?

“You can’t properly break this chocolate.”

Someone thought that an individual wrapper for each marshmallow was a good idea.

“Standing at the checkout, I noticed that the number of sweets in the packages was different. The packaging isn’t damaged.”

This is why it’s important to look at the weight of the product and not at its packaging.

They could have put 2 extra cookies.

Admit it, does this kind of deception make you angry too?

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