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15+ People Who Proved That Photos Can Have the Superpower of Traveling Through Time

Psychologists say that looking back into the past can help us reflect on what we want to become in the future. In other words, a little bit of nostalgia and blasts from the past go a long way, as they give us a glimpse of how far we’ve come in life.

1. “I scored 30 Goosebumps books for $30. I purchased them for my brother, who is learning to read in English.”

“We used to watch Goosebumps as ’90s kids.”

2. “The TV station I work at in the 1950s and today”

3. “A taxi driver in New York City looks just like Albert Einstein.”

KEYSTONE Pictures USA / eyevine / East News, © TheGodus / Reddit

4. “A summer house that doesn’t belong to our family anymore”

5. “When Netflix was still relatively new — I wonder if it’s too late to return.”

6. “A field trip to NC with only the finest technology in 1990”

7. “My dad and me playing Street Fighter 2 circa ’92/’93”

8. “I met Captain Planet in 1992.”

9. “6,456 days ago, Christmas 2004”

10. “Here is infant me in a photo from 1988 with 4 generations. My great-grandma just celebrated her one-hundred-and-third birthday.”

11. “My grandparents put plumbing in the tenant house for my parents in 1959. I grew up there and restored it back exactly the same in 2020.”

12. “Remember overhead projectors? Algebra flashbacks!”

13. “My late grandad and me on a water ride”

14. “We visited my dad’s (he was born in 1922) childhood home in Oak Park, Illinois in 2012.”

15. “Found a Pizza Hut and Blockbuster coupon while painting a vacant apartment today.”

16. “The house built by my great-great-grandfather around 1895 and today”

17. “Aunt Mary was a little confused when I gave her the camera.”

How often do you reminisce about fun times from the past? What’s your fondest memory?

Preview photo credit KEYSTONE Pictures USA / eyevine / East News, TheGodus / Reddit
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