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15 People Who Walked an Extra Mile to Attain Perfection

True perfection is 1% talent and 99% hard work. From creating cakes from customers’ drawings, figuring out how to water crops using the night’s moisture, and building telescopes with their bare hands, these people prove this notion to be true.

Bright Side hopes the people featured in this list, who managed to do the almost impossible, will inspire you to never give up on your dreams.

1. “When your 3-year-old asks for a rainbow dinosaur donut birthday, you deliver. Drew up the design and had it made and they did an awesome job.”

2. “My dad’s T-shirt got splattered with bleach, so he decided to fix it with more. I found it adorable.”

3. This mom who decided to make some desserts for a Christmas party

4. Watering crops with the night’s moisture

5. This drawing looks like a vintage photograph. It took over 100 hours to finish it.

6. These pots are made with real feathers.

7. This tattoo expert brought back this person’s lost nails.

8. This drawing a history teacher did on a whiteboard is totally next level.

9. He painted a banana.

10. “My daughters wanted a swing set, a jungle gym, a playhouse, and a castle with a drawbridge — so I made an all-in-one creation.”

11. “Sent a picture of a Final Fantasy 7 character to my mom, thinking she looked like her, and she pretty much nailed the look.”

12. “I crochet full-body costumes for my son! Xenomorph was this year!”

13. This 17-year-old built a telescope that’s bigger than the one in his local observatory.

14. “Someone at my work did a perfect circle burnout.”

15. The miniature cars shot by this photographer look like real ones.

What examples of going beyond common abilities do you know of?

Preview photo credit thep***princessx / reddit