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15+ Pets With Features That Made Them Look Special

Sometimes it seems that Mother Nature has downloaded the last version of Photoshop or something just to use all the possible palettes to paint our pets’ fur in new unbelievable colors. Or she decides to put all those signs and heart-shaped emojis on their skin and send us one single message: it was all done with love.

Bright Side has gathered some interesting examples of such passionate masterpieces. And it shows us that every pet is unique and precious, but some add some special tones to the initial concept.

1. Red furry bigfoot

2. “Space odd-kitty”

3. “I heard you like paws, so I put a paw on my paw.”

4. This blep definitely has something special in it.

5. “Dabs never takes a bad picture.”

6. “This is Jinx, he was born with one ear.”

7. A real “downvote” girl

8. “Our cat has a heart pattern in her fur.”

9. “People may think he looks a bit weird, but he’s my pride and joy (14 cm albino bristlenose pleco).”

10. “Inverse raccoon face”

11. “His head looks like it doesn’t belong to his body.”

12. Double-natural unmatching

13. A need for speed puppy

14. “All my friends make fun of his eyes, but I find them special and unique.”

15. “This is Marshmallow. He has the craziest blue eyes.”

16. “This is Mr. Poppins. He has no teeth.”

17. “Tremper albino leopard gecko — this guy has the best attitude.”

18. “The colored salt made all the squirrels turn purple.”

Do you like pets with fantastical features? Would you like to be a happy owner of such unique beauty yourself? And if you already are, please share your photos in the comments below. Let’s see how many more bright ideas nature has left to amaze us.

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Preview photo credit Giftistaken / reddit
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