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15+ People That Prove Love Can Truly Last Forever

Everyone has someone special in their lives who has encouraged them to make the most of their days. Whether it’s a friend, a lover, or a family member, having a meaningful and long-lasting personal relationship can significantly improve the quality of life. It can make us feel valued and enhance our mood and sense of self-worth. It’s also crucial to remember that building relationships on honesty, respect, and shared values lay the groundwork for their foundations to last.

Today at Bright Side, we’ve compiled a list of people who prove that genuine connections can withstand anything.

1. The secret of a 70-year-long marriage is to forget and forgive and make the best of life.

2. “My grandparents got married in 1956 and have been happily married ever since.”

“Some time ago, they were still going out dancing together every week.”

3. “Every 5 years, my cousins and I take a family photo for my grandma!”

“We were all raised together and see each other more as siblings than cousins!”

4. “Forever bestie”

5. “My grandparents in front of the house my whole family grew up in. Still madly in love and my role models.”

6. “My parents had divorced but just got remarried to each other.”

7. “26 years ago, my brother and I were adopted into our New Zealand family.”

8. “My brother and me on our ten-year apart high school graduations”

9. “Mom got admitted to the hospital, and Dad got admitted while they were checking her in.”

“55 years married and obviously didn’t want a hospital to separate them!”

10. “My grandparents have been together since they were 14. This is what forever love looks like.”

11. “My parents in high school (1970) and now. They’ve been together since 8th grade, and married for 47 years.”

12. “My sister and I reproduced a photo from our childhood this Thanksgiving.”

13. “My wife and I have been together since high school freshman year 2013, when neither of us had phones.”

14. “Old school friends reunited. My friend moved to Japan and came to visit a while back. This is the first time we’d all been together in 15 years.”

15. “When you meet your childhood friend again after so many years.”

16. “I captured what 60 years of love looks like in my grandparents.”

Do you believe in connections that can last forever?

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