15 Photos That Show What Decades of Time Are Capable Of

If you had a twin and he went to space, he would most definitely return a bit younger than you. The march of time changes a lot. However, there is something that preserves an underlying essence that remains untouched by time.

We at Bright Side want to present to you marvelous pictures of the same places a couple of centuries apart. What changed, and what remained the same?

1. A view of the mountain pass called Crawford Notch (1839 painting vs 2019 picture)

2. A french Gower telephone of 1912 vs A modern mobile phone

3. “My family farm circa 1900/2000. It was in our family for 125 years.”

4. Las Vegas in 1895 and now

5. Rio de Janeiro in 1840 and now

6. “In 2005, some friends and I found the road to Jabba’s Palace off Twenty Mule Team Canyon in Death Valley, CA.”

7. ENIAC the first electronic Turing-complete device vs A modern-day computer

8. “My house about 100 years ago and yesterday”

9. “I saw the model of ancient Rome and just had to post this with the google image of Rome today.”

10. View of Sydney, Australia 1794-1796 and now

11. “My great-grandmother painted this around 1930. Photo from 2018.”

12. Ford-T from 1910 and a modern car

13. Abraham Lincoln’s home

14. Al Fahidi Fort in Dubai: 1959 and 2018

15. “New York Harbor: Top photo by my great-grandfather in 1937, bottom photo by me in 2019”

Do you know of any locations that have survived for centuries? Please share them with us in the comments.

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Preview photo credit pappard57 / Reddit
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