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15 Photos That Tricked Us Into Thinking They Were Something Else

What we perceive may be completely different from reality. With the proper angle to a shot, a photo that first seems like it’s depicting human anatomy might actually just be a red bell pepper from the fridge. How we distinguish these images upon first glance can actually turn out quite different once we take the time to observe them again.

We at Bright Side believe in the power of the human brain. And here are some photos to show you that your brain can be both a perceiver and an observer.

1. Seeds of a bell pepper that look like an army of red blood cells

2. A dinosaur claw stemming from a horseradish root

3. A fossilized shell dug out of softened butter with a table knife

4. “Found a new planet at the bottom of a coffee cup!”

5. An empty drawer compartment that seems like an elevator shaft

6. Breakfast bacon that closely resembles a seahorse

7. A rock formation that took the shape of a head with face-like features.

8. When you’re upset about seeing some hanging trash, then realize that it’s just a rotten tomato:

9. A starry night sky that appeared as a reflection on a puddle and some gravel

10. Vaporizing petrol that looks like an eyeball

11. A brainy ball of buttered pasta

12. A wooden city made from a snapped tree trunk

13. Those roots are greeting you!

14. Pennies that look like fish scales

15. Did that snail just turn into a gourd? Or did the gourd turn into a snail?

How many of these images did you get right at first glance? Have you ever encountered something that wasn’t what it first appeared to be?

Preview photo credit SamStephens / Reddit
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