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15+ Pics That Prove Mother Nature Would Be the Best Student in Any Design School

When mother nature suddenly decides to give a curious twist to her creations, something truly amazing is born. A peacock wearing blue skies on its neck, a tree that tries to run away, a smiling onion, and even a caterpillar that’s wearing a penguin sweater — these are just a few masterpieces people found in nature, making their jaws drop to the floor. Don’t forget your camera at home next time you go for a walk, and maybe you’ll get lucky enough to capture something just as unique.

We at Bright Side believe mother nature surely deserves an A+ for all her creations, and we’ve selected 16 of her most prominent works to feast your eyes on.

1. “My rhododendron looks like it’s trying to run off.”

2. “This rock I found at the beach looks like the beach.”

3. “This peacock’s neck looks like a blue cloudy sky.”

4. “This weird lemon that grew on our lemon tree”

5. “The inside of this tree looks like a fish.”

6. “This watermelon I found in a grocery store”

7. “This rose from my garden is perfectly split into 2 colors.”

8. This caterpillar looks like it’s wearing a sweater with a penguin pattern.

9. “The peel of this bitter orange in my garden wrapped around every slice separately.”

10. “A strawberry chick”

11. The pattern of this leaf is mesmerizing.

12. “I found a cicada with the McDonald’s logo on it.”

13. “This twisted driftwood I found on the beach”

14. “This onion came with a happy face!”

15. This lime looks like a brain.

16. “This peach blossom tree has flowers in 3 different colors.”

Have you seen anything surprisingly unusual in nature recently? Share your stories and pictures in the comments!

Preview photo credit reddy_freddy_/Reddit
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