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15 Pics That Prove Our Brains Are Really Easy to Trick

We all remember when we were kids and used to stare at shapes and colors. We would see faces, characters, and trees. We would imagine a story that would link all these elements together. That’s why we want you to join us on this journey to train your wild imagination and bring it back to life. Let’s enjoy images that look like everything except what they really are.

The Bright Side team put together a few situations that left people pinching themselves and wondering if they were in another dimension.

1. This is not a giant dog.

2. “He’s just on top of the closet.”

3. “The usage marks on my friend’s grill looks like a dog.”

4. “Looks like the truck is carrying the KFC.”

5. “My toast looks like a roasted chicken.”

6. “The paint drip on my finger looks like a perfect little Nike swoosh.”

7. Not a kid looking at the ocean.

8. “This water droplet looks like a spoon.”

9. This is a dog visiting the sky.

10. “My wife took this picture of our cat in the window.”

11. “Fade into the floor.”

12. “I found a mushroom that looks like a slightly overcooked biscuit.”

13. “Dried watermelon looks like a pizza.”

14. “This old brick at my house looks like a YouTube play button.”

15. Not a raw chicken

Which pictures had you staring for too long trying to figure them out? Do you remember a time when you saw something in real life that looked like an optical illusion?

Preview photo credit YassarZ / Reddit
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