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15 Pictures That Left Us Scratching Our Heads for Hours

They say logic can take you from point A to point B. However, in rare cases, it can take you through the whole alphabet and back, and the situation will still be as clear as mud. It’s true — some people often just throw all traces of logic out of the window, leaving us with our jaws hanging in bewilderment.

Today at Bright Side, we want to present you with 15 cases of logic so up-side-down, you can almost see Stranger Things creatures lurking around.

1. “My niece said I was going bald, so unprompted, she cut off a lock of her hair for me. I hope the scotch tape holds.”

2. “Saw this flatbed hauling a crazy coupe this morning.”

3. “They ’moved’ my bike to work on the street light.”

4. “This bootleg Thanos snapping with the wrong hand”

5. “My sister’s school spelled ’school’ wrong on the spine of the yearbook.”

6. “In my new deck, I got these 2 cards that were mildly printed wrong.”

7. “This Fanta is in the wrong colored bottle.”

8. “Yes, north, east, south, east...”

9. “When you order a pizza during finals week in a college town”

10. “Mario’s mustache is on the wrong side of his nose.”

11. “One of the fortunes from dinner”

12. “The family tree on this life insurance card makes no sense.”

13. “This convenience store wear path”

14. “This car is using the wrong part of the cancer ribbon magnet.”

15. “This men’s room has the ’men’ label on the outside, but when viewed when leaving, it appears that you’ve walked into the wrong room.”

Which of these situations would leave you stunned in real life? Drop a comment.

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