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15+ Situations That Made Us Scratch Our Heads and Ask “Why?”

A stuffed armchair that is being used as a shower chair, a woman wearing a sweater with a very awkward print. These are just a couple of examples of the fruit of human creativity that went far beyond common sense and made people appear in some rib-tickling situations.

Here at Bright Side, we love it when people can smile at their little failures, and this time we collected 16 examples of how a not very well-thought-out design or functionality can result in hysterical laughter, which, we believe, will help us to live longer!

1. “Not quite a shower chair but it’ll do until it starts to reek.”

2. “Spotted this at work today. ’Chandelier’ made out of hangers.”

3. “Spotted this beast in the middle of nowhere in Alabama.”

4. “Went to the toilet at a party and saw this dope shower.”

5. “This pasta wig.”

6. “Insurance wouldn’t cover pills, only capsules. The script went from $2.73 to $56.91 because of that. It’s literally a pill shoved into a capsule.”

7. “Cup design that makes the drink look like it has actual fruit.”

8. “This restaurant has tilted glasses.”

9. “This woman has a backpack made from a rice bag.”

10. “This woman’s purse has a full size clock in it.”

11. “This tattoo in the form of a sock that has no pair.”

12. “This dress has 4 sleeves.”

13. “This car is decorated with old floppy disks.”

14. “This tea comes in aerosol. Why?”

15. “Spotted at local petting zoo.”

16. “Went to Disneyland yesterday and saw this woman’s unfortunate wearing of her sweater.”

What is something that you’ve recently spotted in life or on the internet that confused you so much about its design that you couldn’t help but burst into laughter?

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