15+ Strange Signs That Raise a Lot of Questions

We rely on signs for directions or instructions, but what if the boards we see only add to the confusion instead of helping us out? From bizarre depictions and curious messages to markers bordering on the existential, these signs are like riddles begging to be solved.

Bright Side scoured the internet for some of these public gems, so put your thinking caps on and get ready to crack the mystery behind these photos.

1. “Could you direct me to the business watermelons?”

2. Beats “free W-Fi.”

3. Beware of falling cattle?

4. Why is this sign glitching?

5. Just in case you need directions to the mall...

6. “This is frightening!”

7. “I guess a laughing hyena would be loads of fun.”

8. “An infinite loop”

9. “Doesn’t really look like a ’pirate-y’ kind of place...”

10. “What should I do?”

11. “The price tag was giving me advice.”

12. You’ve been warned.

13. “Oh dear...”

14. “How would you pronounce this in English?”

15. “Bargain of the year!”

16. “Regular donuts don’t wear clothes?”

17. “Who keeps letting the geese in the building?”

18. “I wonder what will happen if you do...”

Which of these signs baffled you the most? Have you ever come across any signs that made you scratch your head?

Preview photo credit Jillette12 / reddit
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