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15 Stunning Women Whose Age Is Impossible to Guess

We believe that most people would like to stay young for as long as possible. In their pursuit for youth, some people spend crazy amounts of money on beauty procedures and products, and others just get lucky with their genes.

We at Bright Side have found amazing women whose age is nearly impossible to guess.

“I’m 29.”

“I’m less than 5 months from turning 50.”

  • You must have some outstanding genetics, because you look like you’re in your twenties. Kudos to you and your parents. © Geriatric_Bulge / Reddit

“I’m 29!”

“I turned 37 this year.”

“I’ve just turned 39!”

“Turned 42 last week.”

“I’m 36.”

“I turned 55 yesterday”

“I’m 38.”

“Turning 43 this year”

“51 and still loving life”

“I’m 40.”

“I turned 37 today.”

“Next week, I’m turning 42.”

“I’ve been told before that I’m too young to sit by the emergency seat on a plane.”

She is 29.

How old do you look?

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