15+ Things That Defied the Odds and Grew Abnormally

In our everyday life, we’re used to certain sized tomatoes, lemons that can fit in our hands, and sunflowers the size of our heads. Vegetables can sometimes take a different turn and grow to sizes we’ve never seen before or even into strange shapes. If you’ve never seen an egg with 3 yolks or a flower-shaped strawberry, keep your eyes peeled.

Bright Side admires all things that defy the odds and take a different turn or shape, and the next ones you’re about to see are too good to not be shared with you.

1. “This mammoth sunflower I grew.”

2. “This strawberry I found is shaped like a perfect flower.”

3. “An absolute unit of a 4-leafed clover from my yard.”

4. “The size of this cucumber.”

5. “This strawberry might be enough for a tiny jar of jam.”

6. “The biggest carrots I’ve ever seen!”

7. “This tree grew inside the STOP sign.”

8. “An absolute unit of a pine cone I found at work.”

9. “Here’s my massive lemon compared to other lemons.”

10. “Saw this on a bike ride in the South Downs, UK. What a unit.”

11. “This poor fungus I found! Don’t worry, it was already detached and wasn’t picked for the photo.”

12. “Someone got a giggle — I ordered a pound of carrots.”

13. P’BONE the cat looks like a really big fluff ball!

14. “The size of this sweet potato — paper towels for scale.”

15. “I grew the tiniest watermelon.”

16. “I cracked an egg today and there were 3 yolks inside!”

17. “This sweet potato is both orange and white.”

18. “This massive wood pigeon I saw on a hike”

19. “In deep awe of this absolute arboreal unit”

Have you ever opened an egg with 3 yolks? If you could buy a carrot as long as your forearm or a strawberry bigger than your palm, what would you choose?

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