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15+ Times People Witnessed Real Masterpieces When They Least Expected It

Rephrasing John Muir, on every walk within our universe one receives far more than they seek. And sometimes, our findings go far beyond any expectations. They make us all stop for a moment, forget about everything, and just admire the beauty we happen to see with our own eyes. And it doesn’t matter whether it was all man-made or created by nature. There’s always enough room for the surprise and amusement they are all eager to give us.

Bright Side found some bewildering pieces of pure art that delighted people so much they wanted to share these lovely images with the whole world.

1. Frozen waves on a lake

2. “Pants Valley, Notaroad”

3. This tree painted the wall in a marvelous pattern.

4. “Inside a Fazioli Grand Piano.”

5. “The way these bubbles formed.”

6. “How this old sticker has deteriorated in the sun”

7. “My surgeon’s office has a Knotty Door.”

8. “This nursing home dyes the water and leaves it on during the winter.”

9. “This squash looks like it has digital camouflage.”

10. “Perfectly spherical droplet of medicine in my Hospital Aquarium.”

11. “This is a saltwater coral.”

12. “This artwork outside our local hospital looks like they turned a doctor’s signature into a sculpture.”

13. “Water freezing at the shore in Calgary”

14. “The way the snow settled on this path”

15. “The way this metal box rusted as the paint fell off over time.”

16. “My can of expanding foam sprung a leak.”

17. “The way the frost formed this morning.”

18. “A couple of years ago I made these Bismuth crystals in a bowl on my stove.”

19. “The railings at my apartment make this really cool shadow.”

Have you ever encountered any remarkable things that made you stop and quickly reach for your cell phone? Please share your stories and photos in the comments below.

Preview photo credit tonsofun44 / reddit
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