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15+ Times the Game of Angles Made Us See More Than There Actually Was

Sometimes we can see the most normal things and do a double-take. From seeing faces in water puddles to animals in the clouds, the game of angles can truly show you more than there really is.

Bright Side loves to see how observant people are, so today we’ve collected 16 photos of fascinating sightings in shadows, reflections, and more.

1. “Taking a photo of this horse made its shadow look like a boxing kangaroo.”

2. “The lighting through the arch strangely resembles my dog.”

3. “The dog’s name is Mandog.”

4. “This parking meter has a shadow cat climbing it.”

5. “This cloud is shaped like the Grinch!”

6. “E.T. phone home...”

7. “This blob of conditioner looks like a sleepy kitten.”

8. “The sliced cheese looks like the cow’s face.”

9. “Sliced an apple to find a spooky face inside.”

10. “This peanut I found looks like a duck.”

11. “This puddle looks like an orca.”

12. “The shadow of my mixer looks like Homer Simpson.”

13. “A smile left behind by condensation”

14. “The shadow of my bananas looks like a cat.”

15. “I spotted a skeleton in the clouds.”

16. “The sun’s lighting looks like the blue ghosts from Pac-Man.”

What cool sights have you seen in the game of angles? Let us know!

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