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15 Times the Virtual Assistant Said Something Spot On, to Everyone’s Surprise

Surely everyone has heard of virtual assistants at least once, and some even use them regularly. It’s very convenient when you don’t need to input text manually. All you have to do is ask a question verbally, and the electronic algorithms immediately produce a result. However, some of the neural network’s responses can be confusing.

At Bright Side, we did some research about how popular virtual assistants try to engage in a human-like dialogue, and we were slightly confused with what we found.

  • On a recent visit to my parents’ house, I found my mom and grandmother sitting and discussing what kind of plant they got and how to care for it. They were arguing and thumbing through some book. My younger brother (6 years old) approached the plant with a tablet, and said to the virtual assistant, “Look at the plant.” And then he pointed the tablet at the plant. The application named the plant, my brother gave the tablet to our mother and left. Technology rules! © Neocor / Pikabu

  • We went to sleep and turned off the lights. The phones were charging. So, we’re lying and waiting to fall asleep, but we both just can’t. We’re tossing and turning, 30 minutes, an hour, 90 minutes, nothing. Finally, my husband says annoyed, “Holy crow, when will we fall asleep?” And a reply comes from the dark, “Really, when?” It was Siri’s voice. After that we couldn’t fall asleep at all. © krohotyn / Pikabu

  • The alarm clock with the virtual assistant just rang, and I went to turn it off. But in order to turn it off, you have to say “thank you.” So, I said, “Thank you, sunshine.” And then she replied, “Not at all, honey.” I love neural networks. © durawwka / Twitter

  • A colleague of mine told me this. “The virtual assistant was turned off on our laptop, and we were watching a movie. Someone in the movie asked a question, and the assistant began to answer. My husband commanded, ‘Enough! Shut up!’ The assistant said, ‘I got you,’ and turned off the laptop. God bless the robots!” © unknown user / Bash

  • I’m sitting in front of the TV with my phone in hand. My cat approaches after a hearty dinner and lies down in her favorite spot. I pet her and say,
    — Did you eat well, sweetie? Lie down, my sunshine, lie down, little darling.
    Suddenly, the voice assistant replies,
    — I don’t want to, I already slept well.
    Me: I’m talking my cat, not you.
    Voice assistant: That definitely changes things. © Virginia71 / Pikabu

  • My fiancé is really jealous. Recently we asked the virtual assistant, “Who owns you?” I thought she would say my name but she replied for some unknown reason, “Vincent.” And my future husband’s name is different. Now my significant other thinks that I am having an affair. Thank you, virtual assistant. © Podslushano / Ideer

  • My life did not prepare me for this. We have slowly made our home smart and recently bought a teapot with Bluetooth. It’s pretty convenient. In the morning, you say the command while still lying in bed, “Turn on the teapot!” and then you go back to sleep. So we bought it, installed it, and it asked to be updated. If anyone told me 10 years ago that I would be standing in the kitchen and updating my teapot’s software, I would think this person was crazy. © unknown user / Bash

  • I asked Siri on the HomePod to play the worst possible music she could find. She responded, “Playing your music, shuffled.” © SteveJobsOfficial / Reddit

  • My wife recently turned 30. She didn’t appreciate the Google Assistant’s joke today.
    — How about a joke?
    — You are 30 years old. © 68pontiac / Reddit

  • I went over to my friend’s place and found that he was having trouble setting up something he got as a gift — a speaker with a virtual assistant. We tried to connect it for 30 minutes, but it didn’t work out. We reset it but it still wouldn’t connect. The virtual assistant laughed at us and said, “I realize that you are trying to connect your device. Would you like me to connect it?” And in a minute, it did everything. The speaker still works without problems. I think about that a lot... © LexaFaktor / Pikabu

  • Yes, Siri, I know it’s cold out, it’s winter in Minnesota. You don’t need to say “Brr!” every single time I ask you what the temperature is outside. © cygnus311 / Reddit

Do you use a virtual assistant? What was its funniest answer? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit krohotyn / Pikabu
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