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16 People Who Went Through Old Junk and Accidentally Opened a Portal to the Past

Many of us keep things from our childhood. Even the most cynical people can’t bring themselves to throw them away. And sometimes, when we do the cleaning, we come across these messages from the past. We all have our own things: stickers, chips, our first cell phone, or photos where we were younger than we are now. And all of these things are equally valuable and wonderful.

We at Bright Side can easily relate to these people who accidentally found some artifacts that instantly took them back in time. And now we feel really nostalgic.

1. “Went to the attic and found a treasure! The time machine is on and I’m in 1996!”

2. “Found this...11 year-old me with a broken arm, playing games on my grandma’s ancient computer. The fondest time in my childhood...”

3. “Why are you crying? What did you find there?”

The videotape says Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot on it.

4. “During my last visit to my parent’s house, I searched the entire place looking for a camera cable. I didn’t find it. But I did find this treasure.”

5. “When I was young, I loved them too much to stick them somewhere. And I forgot about them.”

6. “I decided to find my collection of chips and check on how they were doing. I actually forgot how big it was.”

7. “In the process of moving out of my childhood home and going through old things — I think I was on to something here.”

8. “I was going through old junk and found a bag with a totally new pair sneakers, that even had the tag on them. My grandma bought them for my dad in Italy in the ’90s.”

9. “I found an old album with a lot of valuable things inside. Warning: if you were born at the end of the previous century, you might cry.”

10. In my childhood, we often argued over which bike was faster. And all the kids used to say, “My dad has one, but it’s in a different town, it’s not here.”

11. “I found a relic from the ’90s, I think I’ll auction it.”

12. “Why are these things not made anymore? My dad even fixed the broken spring here!”

13. “In my childhood, I collected these inserts. I found them today. They still smell like chewing gum!”

14. “I took this thing to college and everyone loved it. It is a functioning cassette tape player.”

15. “I was cleaning up at home and I found this.”

16. “I went to visit my parents and I found this toy I made when I was in elementary school.”

What artifacts from the past do you still have at home?

Preview photo credit SeriouSad / pikabu