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16 People Who Wrap Others With More Care and Attention Than a Warm Blanket

It feels nice when someone treats you with kindness and always makes sure you’re okay. Paying attention to small details, surprising our loved ones with cute gifts, or simply telling them something nice to make them smile is a great way to make someone else’s day better. Maybe you’re the kind of person who truly enjoys caring for others.

Here at Bright Side, we decided to share some heartwarming images that will show you why some people are too nice for this world.

1. “Told my stepdad I prefer the orange jelly beans and this morning I walked in on him sorting them into a jar for me.”

2. “My boyfriend asked for pie for his birthday, but he didn’t say what kind...”

3. “My friend’s reaction when I surprised him with something he’s been wanting for years”

4. “My dad learned how to make towel animals and now he makes a zoo for my mom every morning.”

5. “Here’s my dad, proud of upgrading my car’s intercooler all by himself yesterday.”

6. “Indian police feeding homeless people”

7. “My 97-year-old grandma doesn’t use computers, but I’ve sent her a meme in the mail years ago. Turns out, she’s kept it at her bedside ever since.”

8. “My wife wanted a table but we couldn’t afford it at the moment, so I made her one.”

9. “Exactly one year ago, my dad picked out a dead tree for my idea of a tree shelf. Yesterday, my mom and I drove to my place to install the finished shelf that my dad made for me.”

10. “I’m 22 years old and I live on my own in a different state, fully capable of taking care of myself. But my dad still sends me care packages and buys me snacks.”

11. “This is my father’s favorite card that my grandmother painted for him when he was little. It’s only today that I found his collection with the card and now the painting makes sense.”

12. “Supporting your better half”

13. “My doggo was cold, so my mom put her under a blanket and she didn’t want us to leave.”

14. “A firefighter comforting a dog that had been in a car crash”

15. “I’m pregnant with my 92-year-old great grandma’s namesake. She has dementia but always remembers that I’m having my baby named Rosemary after her.”

16. “My dad was anti-dog for a very long time. So we got one without asking him. 13 years later, they’re best buds.”

Do you know anyone who does nice things like the people above? Would you describe yourself as someone who treats people with care and attention?

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