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16 People Whose Bodies Are Like a Treasure Box

Every second, we shed 30,000 dead skin cells. In fact, all our skin is replaced every month, meaning we end up wearing 1,000 different whole-new skins in our lifetimes. Facts like these make us unique as human beings. But some of us are even rarer, like those born with less than 5 fingers, or those who have hair so curly, it’s like a corkscrew.

We at Bright Side feel that the people who make the most of their uniqueness are pretty cool, and they deserve a shoutout. So here are some unique traits and features that made us feel that nature is quite the artist.

1. “My grandpa’s cool eye”

2. “The way my fiancé’s toes line up”

3. “This one super long eyelash on my eye”

4. “This scratch on my knee looks like a tiny hand print. •_•”

5. “Two of my toes are half-webbed on each foot.”

6. “My hair is so curly, the ends look like a tube.”

7. “I am a guy with really long thick eyelashes.”

8. “My knees kind of resemble baby faces in utero.”

9. “Every once in a while, someone points awkwardly at my face to inform me there are flowers in my eyes...”

10. “I have a vascular issue that makes my arms turn purple and orange when cold.”

11. “3 fingers on each hand — I also game competitively!”

12. “The ultimate hitchhiker’s thumb”

13. “My eye color changed between 2008 and 2021 — until my twenties, my eyes were completely brown.”

14. “My pinky finger has an extra bone in it. The little nub even has its own fingerprint.”

15. “My girlfriend has a birthmark on her arm that looks like a landmass, so I drew on it with a marker.”

16. “I can actually touch my elbows behind my back...”

What feature did you see on yourself or someone else that made you do a double-take? What do you feel is your most unique feature?

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