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16 Pics That Prove Reality Is Stranger Than Fiction

There are many hypotheses about existence itself. Among them is a theory called the “simulation hypothesis,” according to which nothing we see is actually real — or not in the way we understand the word “real.” The theory states that everything is an illusion. It probably sounds crazy to you, but sometimes certain things happen that make us doubt everything.

Bright Side has seen a lot of images where reality seems to have broken for an instant, and we put together the following list with some of the best examples. See what you think when you get to the end.

1. “This banana almost gave me a heart attack!”

2. We’re not very sure if that’s the table or some very flirty stockings he’s wearing.

3. “I thought this pedal was a push-up aid device.”

4. “Walked into work at 6:30 AM and saw this...I almost just turned around and left.”

5. “This car design I have to witness every day.”

6. “First thing I see as I step out of my house.”

7. “My 2-headed dog.”

8. “A cast-iron cauldron I found buried in my forest.”

9. These roots are very strange.

10. Looks like Homer stubbed his toe.

11. “Found a Stargate in the middle of nowhere near Linz (Austria).”

12. “Found this at my grandparents’ house.”

13. “I found this beautiful (sculpted) creature at a sculpture park.”

14. “Took out the trash for 5 minutes and found this intruder in my house!”

15. “These Amazon Scout robots I saw while out walking today.”

16. “My son was so excited to get this Sponge Bob popsicle until he opened it.”

What do you most enjoy looking at when you walk around your city? What things force you to make funny faces when you see them?

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