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17 Eye Traps That Only Detectives Can Solve

It’s a whole new world when you look around you with a keen eye. From a rusty screw that’s actually a seed to a dog camouflaged in a rug, sometimes you need a double-take to really understand what’s going on. And life is more exciting because of that.

Bright Side tracked down some optical illusions in real life and showcased them here.

1. “A weird metal hole in the lake.”

2. “For when you hate your guests at the hotel.”

3. “Lost our dog again...”

4. “He’s not wearing heels.”

5. “It’s a plain white van.”

6. “My full cup of milk that made the cup look upside down.”

7. “My cat fell asleep looking like he was standing up.”

8. “My wife took a pic while my nephew was climbing off the bed and his legs look like mine.”

9. “A metal saucepan’s reflection of a burner makes it appear transparent.”

10. “The way this truck is painted to look like it’s open.”

11. “The shadow on this plant connected with the stalk makes it look like it’s facing the other way.”

12. “He’s a great little performer.”

13. “The sand dispersed on this new bike lane makes it look as though the sun is shining.”

14. “My daughter going to sleep, hugging her stuffed animal.”

15. “A peacock with no plumage, standing in front of an aloe plant.”

16. “My wife has eyeliner that I keep mistaking for a battery.”

17. “This seed I found from a tree in San Francisco looks exactly like a rusty screw from above.”

Have you ever seen something that seemed to defy the laws of physics? Have you taken any similar pics like these? Shine bright like a diamond in our comment section with your stories and photos!

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