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17 People Share Pictures That You Wouldn’t Be Able to See Otherwise

There are many reasons why people share photos online, one of them being their willingness to share their lives with others. They might also want to share knowledge, find fulfillment, and try to maintain their social relationships. Whatever the reason, everyone posts pictures on social media, and we’re thankful that we have a platform to show these pictures to you.

1. “Back in high school, my buddy and I really committed to the costume party.”

2. “This snow puppy my wife casually threw together”

3. “This coffee is served with a cloud of ’cotton candy.’”

“The coffee vaporizes to dissolve the ’cotton candy’ and the cloud begins to rain with sugar over the coffee.”

4. “This cat’s muscles”

5. “A local pizzeria started using a dough ball instead of the plastic thingies to keep the pizza intact.”

6. “The back of my vacuum looks like a dude with dreads.”

7. “These tiny matches I found”

8. “This is a camera for hotel rooms, market shops, changing rooms, dressing rooms, etc.”

9. “Antheraea polyphemus — it’s basically a tarantula with wings.”

10. Some people will focus on the discount, while others will focus on the nails.

11. “There’s a plant growing out of my carpet.”

12. “A fried egg, squared”

13. “A very colorful snake”

14. “Pine cones in Australia”

15. “A funny-looking bird”

16. “It’s a little cold for running in Canada right now.”

17. “A passenger put down a mattress and went to sleep at the gate.”

Have you seen anything so extraordinary that you had to rush to take a picture? What was it, and who did you share it with?

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