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15 People Who Learn Something New About the World Every Single Day

Each day holds both small and global surprises in it. At first, you may learn that Tom was Jerry’s friend and that the Egyptian pyramids are located close to the city, then you see X-rays of turtles and birds with curly feathers. We learn of these things thanks to people who never get tired of searching for new wonders of this world and sharing them with the entire Internet.

We at Bright Side are thankful to everyone who gave us a reason to exclaim, “Wow!” once again.

Draco wore THIS to the Yule Ball and he didn’t even get one scene!?

Why it’s so important to choose a good melody

That’s an X-ray of a turtle. Yes, those are eggs!

It’s hard to be a magic-man.

We had a totally different picture in our heads.

Everything was perceived completely differently in childhood.

The secret is in the fact that they didn’t have the Internet.

“Today I learned that these ’flowers’ in the water from the Sponge Bob Square Pants cartoon are oil stains.”

Some school kids will even draw these zones in their notebooks to remember them.

Maybe Sherlock isn’t telling us everything...

Scarlett Johansson had to do some scenes in Captain America: The First Avenger alone since she was the only character with no CGI required from Team Iron Man.

Perhaps they simply don’t hire bartenders with bad memories.

Uranium in this hyalite opal causes it to glow green when exposed to UV light.

Turns out, birds can have curly wings.

It’s our fault after all.

What unusual discoveries have you found that made you want to immediately edit school textbooks?