17 People Who Manage to Make Lemonade When Life Gives Them Lemons

Whatever life throws our way, we can overcome it thanks to a positive attitude and a witty mindset. A lot of times there is no way of escaping unfortunate events, however, what we can do is twist any situation to our advantage and find the good, the funny, and the useful in anything that happens to us. It seems that navigating through life with a good sense of humor is the key to a happy and joyful existence.

At Bright Side, we’re fascinated by people who create an advantageous opportunity out of everything. So we want to share a collection of amusing photos that will leave you with a big smile.

1. “How my brother measures trees in his yard”

2. No need to actually assemble these things...

3. ’’We might moan about the weather, but we sure know how to make the most of it.’’

4. “My friend’s father installed a urinal in his bathroom following his divorce.”

5. ’’I couldn’t see my family this year, so my boy and I made the best of it.’’

6. ’’A recent flood gave us a mini island in our creek. My dad is taking full advantage.’’

7. ’’My boyfriend fell down our stairs on Thanksgiving day. Instead of fixing the hole, we got creative.’’

8. ’’I took advantage of the heat and baked cookies in the car.’’

9. ’’My friend was in an accident and had 2 scars on his leg. Made the best out of a bad situation.’’

10. ’’My daughter asked me for a computer to watch videos of dogs. I told her I had no money, and she came out with her own solution.’’

11. ’’I bought a couple’s massage for my girlfriend’s birthday and then we broke up.’’

12. ’’If your key breaks in half, just stick it into a potato, like my friend did this morning.’’

13. ’’Kayaking in my yard during the flood’’

14. Who said that extra cables need to be hidden? They can actually be a good opportunity for a cool wall design.

15. When you don’t have an extra sofa or space for game night, you can get creative.

16. ’’A Christmas tree for when you have cats’’

17. ’’I have to wear a patch over my left eye — might as well make the most of it.’’

Do you believe that we can add a funny twist to any situation? What was the most unexpected thing you’ve done during a not-so-great occurrence?

Preview photo credit radiumgirl/Imgur
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