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17 Pictures We Had to Look at Twice to Understand

Perspective can play funny tricks on our eyes. It can make us believe that we see something that’s not actually there, or guess that something is completely different from what it really is. No wonder it’s one of the foundations of magic and optical illusions. And sometimes a photo taken at just the right moment can do exactly that: make us rub our eyes and look at the image again and again until we finally understand what it is that was actually captured.

Bright Side has already made a few articles with amazing images, like this one and this one, and now bring you another brand new compilation of photos shared by Reddit users. Remember, there was no magic or Photoshop involved in these pics, just some unusual angles and a little bit of luck.

1. “Here’s your gift, honey!”

2. “I thought the blanket was my dog’s right ear.”

3. “Do you see that column? No, you don’t. It’s a corner of the building.”

4. “Strike a pose!”

5. “An old pic I took of my cats”

6. “Fish out of water!”

7. “My cat’s leg got a little long.”

8. Oh no! Poor little kitt — wait a minute...

9. “It’s not his hair, it’s a coconut tree.”

10. “2-headed duck”

11. “This wrench with a hole in it”

12. “Looks like something out of The Ring...

13. Can you spot the alien in the picture?

14. “A small man uses a traffic bollard to climb on his bike!”

15. Is this a walking head?

16. “Mom, the dog got bigger!”

17. “A floating cat!”

Do you have any pictures taken at just the right place and time, revealing something that isn’t necessarily there? Share them with us in the comment section along with a caption!

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