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17 Sassy Examples of People Quitting Their Job in an Original Way

Losing your job doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Many people are happy to turn in their 2 weeks notice and even make a spectacle out of it. They see it as an opportunity to hold nothing back and make a triumphant exit that their former co-workers will be talking about for years to come.

Bright Side found some priceless ways people quit their jobs, but not before making sure they’re never forgotten.

1. “Someone quit Hardee’s the right way in my friend’s hometown.”

2. “This is how I turned in my 2 weeks notice today at my job that I hate.”

3. “My buddy quit his job at the gas station.”

4. “I quit my current job for a better one. This is how I’m leaving the griddle for them in the morning.”

5. “I just quit my job the best way I know how.”

6. “My coworker quit today... our boss was not as amused as we were...”

7. “Like this dinosaur, I’m soon to be extinct.”

8. “I quit my job, but I still want a good reference.”

9. “My buddy quit his job today and announced the news to his co-workers with this cake.”

10. “And this is why you don’t fire people before they leave for the day.”

11. “Yeeeaahhh.... Friend’s official resignation letter for Bank of America.”

12. “My sister quit her job at McDonalds after 7+ years, I like her way of leaving.”

13. “A friend of mine just quit his job by giving his boss a framed 8×10 of this.”

14. “This guy called his boss, quit his job, set this auto responder, and then left the building.”

15. “Last day cakes are so touching.”

16. “Look what my coworker and I left on the break room table today.”

17. And this passive-aggressive “it’s not my problem anymore.”

Do you have a funny quitting story of your own?

Preview photo credit dudeperson33 / Reddit