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17 Things You Won’t Believe Were Created by Nature

We live in a world filled with an enormous diversity of beings, as it’s estimated that there are about 8.7 million species of animals and plants around the globe. With so many different organisms, we can imagine that some of them might be very unusual, making us wonder if they’re the real deal, an elaborate prank, or hyperrealistic sculptures.

To show you some of nature’s unique creations, Bright Side prepared this list with several odd-looking animals and plants.

1. Calceolaria uniflora, the happy alien

2. Impatiens bequaertii, the dancing flowers

3. “This is the dolphin succulent.”

4. “These mushrooms I found yesterday”

5. “My son said, ’Look at the giant tornado!’ I was scared for a moment...”

6. “Today’s solar eclipse as seen at sunset resembled a giant cat’s head.”

7. “This rock I found in the woods”

8. “Spotted these on a beach on La Gomera last week. Some kids tested, they are not harmful.”

9. Curved Aspen trees, Ophir, Colorado

10. Caladenia melanema, the ballerina orchid

11. “Icarus blues...”

12. Tree of life, Lake Cakora, Australia

13. “Waves at Newhaven Harbour dwarf the lighthouse in the distance.”

14. Psychotria elata, the kiss flower

15. Glass frogs

16. “I spotted Caleana major or the appropriately named ’flying duck orchid.’”

17. “Eternal Flame Falls in Orchard Park, NY”

If you had the chance to see one of these in real life, which one would you choose? Why? We would love to know in the comments.

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